Ambient Lighting

Ambient light is a soft glow that blankets your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. In décor, ambient light is very similar, except you create the ambient light by making the room’s lighting as natural and flat as possible.

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Chandeliers and Pendants

These light fixtures work fantastic with taller ceilings. You can choose which height is best for your lighting needs. Chandeliers below are placed lower in areas people will not be walking near. They are also very classic pieces that work well in foyers, over the tub in the bathroom.

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Wall Sconces and Wall Lights

These are so versatile they work almost anywhere. If you use too many in one location it may cause a harsher light, but when placed sparingly these work great in hallways, patios and porches. Try to incorporate the wall sconces into your homes architecture.

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Desk, Swing Arm and Floor Lamps

Use lamps on your desks, bedside tables, coffee tables or anywhere you need a little extra light for working. Swing arm lamps allow you to adjust the light anyway you’d like. Since they are portable these are the ideal task lights.

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Cabinet and Vanity Lights

These are the ultimate task lights. Under cabinet lights work great in your kitchen. They add a flare to your kitchen and give the extra light you need for chopping and cleaning. Vanity lighting works well in the bathroom and on dressing mirrors. These lights also work in garages or workstations.

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Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a way of adding style and drama to your home. People use accenting for wall washing, artwork, bookcase displays, and pieces of furniture, collections and the general architecture of their homes. Outdoor accent lighting is when you highlight parts of the architecture of your home or yard.

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