Villas have always been referred as the stylish upper-class state homes. The size of villas ranges from a king size houses to ultra large houses with a private lawns, gardens swimming pools and driveway. The more private built aspect of the villas is what attracts the travelers for renting it over hotels, during their trips. Villas are gaining popularity for the reason of it providing a space surrounded with rejuvenating lush greenery.

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Bungalows are one-story house or cottage that is usually small in terms of square feet; one can easily find large bungalows prevailing these days. Large homes used as a solitary family unit. These type of houses are family owned and can be widely found in non-urban areas of India. Bungalows have slowly started taking over the urban areas and people have started blending the architecture with modern amenities that meet the urban lifestyle.

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Penthouses are the top floor units in an apartment building while the lower ones are called as basement suites. These are different from other apartments by luxury features. These are the largest and the most luxuriously built homes within a given building, which have the most expansive views. It has high ceilings and gets personal access to the terrace and is expensive than the other kinds of apartments

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Duplex interiors are famous for their simplicity and elegance. The color palette includes a lot of white and strong contrast but without mixing too many colors, textures of patterns. Still, the result is a cozy and inviting interior with an airy look and a sense of style that is difficult to reproduce.

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An apartment building has many apartments in it. In an apartment building, each apartment is a separate room or set of rooms for people to live in. This is the most common type of accommodation people prefer these days. These are self-owned and controlled housing units in multi-storied buildings. These consist of different types of units like a penthouse, basement suites, and studio flats.

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Each housing unit comes up in a wide range of styles but the kind of ownership is what makes it different from other types of accommodation. A condominium is a unit that’s owned individually, with the access to the few of the common areas of the complex like rooftops, playrooms and outdoor areas, which is co-owned equally by all condo owners under the umbrella of an association.

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