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      When it comes to decorating their homes, Millennials are a whole new breed. From fancy flamingos to punchy pineapples and everything inbetween, Millennials have been defining what we should and shouldn’t have in our homes for a while now, and you many have invested without even realising. We are certainly guilty of a few of these Millennial home decor trends. •You have a penchant for Mid-century Modern furniture •Your love for brass accents goes way beyond just one candle holder •You covet an Eames chair, so much so that you bought a knock-off •You own some kind of marble accessory! Be it a coaster or a console table

        Four easy ways to introduce pattern to your home02

        There could be any number of reasons why you’re scared of introducing pattern at home. Done right, pattern can bring order or cosines, calm or excitement to any room. These easy ways to introduce pattern are perfect for beginners, as they’ll involve just one purchase, and are a good way to test what motifs you can live with. All our selections are from our ideal Home collection at Very – and they’re all on sale. So you can get that stylish look down pat for less. Throw down a rug Rug lets you try pattern on the floor without going to the expense of re-carpeting. Its pale tones balance the large-scale motif so that it’s not overly bold or distracting. Team with chunky wood furniture and tan leather to nail the global nomadic look that’s huge this winter.


          Striving to break out of the stereotypical approach to bathroom design lets create bathrooms that break all norms. We bring you a glimpse of these stunning renovations. Every design element in a bathroom should have a purpose and be functional in some way or another to create a space-saving sanctuary. Bathrooms usually don’t get as much attention or fanfare as they deserve. With this project, that’s what we have tried to change. The light colours on the walls highlight all the vintage elements. The gorgeous chandelier forms the focal point of this space. As one enters, the charm of the space flows through with an intricately antique framed mirror. The shower divider is made with dull gold finished M.S framed glass, making an otherwise simple element look well-designed. The neutral palette acts as the perfect backdrop for this modern bathroom. The entire bathroom is designed as a child-friendly space, with the bathtub obviously being their favourite corner.

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