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Balance and symmetry are the keywords that define this style. A traditional style décor provides the feeling of warmth and comfort through colors, furniture designs and furniture placement. Furniture pieces are placed in a formal manner at a focal point in the room and the arrangement is focused on comfort.

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Form follows function in modern interiors. The emphasis is more on open floor plans and clutter free decor. Here clutter free entails less use of accessories. Usually, paintings are used to complement the rest of the space. Modern style gives a sense of space and thus is best suited for apartments as it makes the place look larger.

Bricto Interior Designing


An eclectic design brings together a variety of styles and periods through furniture and décor elements. The variety of pieces, different in color, texture and design need to find a rhythm when put together. This is achieved by creating a focal point in the room and finding a common ground among the furniture and accessory pieces.

Bricto Interior Designing


While it is often confused with the modern style, here the overall look is always fresh and importance is given to open spaces and natural light. Sleek features and clean lines without any extravagant element are what define these spaces. Here visual interest is created with materials rather than with colors..

Bricto Interior Designing


Less is more in the minimalist style. A room with this design not only has minimum furniture but each piece is minimal in itself. Here each furniture piece is given room to breathe so you see an abundance of empty space.

Bricto Interior Designing


This style is all about a carefree spirit which follows no rules. Each boho set up is totally different from the other, but is also similar, as there is an unconventional use and mix of accessories. There is no dearth of colors, patterns and fabrics; priority is given to ethnic patterns and brighter hues.

Bricto Interior Designing
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